Your weapon is your best friend in Spartan Warfare,

and fortunately there are MANY to choose from!
300px-M90 Shotgun (Torch Side)

Plasma Pistol 500

Assault Rifle 625

Battle Rifle 875

Plasma Rifle 1000

Pistol 1200

Carbine 1250

Mauler 2500

M6 Magnum 3000

M7 SMG 3750

Duel Maulers 6200

Rockets 6500

Dual Pistols 6500

Needler Rifle 7000

P.Pistols x2 7200

Missle Pod 7500

Plasma Rifles x2 7500

Sniper 8000

Beam Rifle 8000

Dual SMGs 8000

Dual Spikers 8200

Brute Shot 8500

Gravity Hammer 8500

Turret 9000

Plasma Repeater 10000

DMR 11000

Focus Rifle 12000

Sentinal Beam 15000

Plasma Launcher 15000

Spartan laser 20000

M90 Shotgun 21000

Fuel Rod Gun 22000

Needler 24000

Energy Sword 27000

Flame Thrower 32000

Grenade Launcher 35000

Plasma Cannon 40000

Orbital Strike 50000*

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon 60000*

  • [to be updated soon]


Constructor 200 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 3) clip size 10

Boltshot 18000 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 6) clip size 30

Light Rifle 25000 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 3) clip size 36

Binary Rifle 42500 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 2) clip size 2

Supressor 49500 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 3) clip size 30

Automated Turret 70000 (minimum shots fired 1 per attack move, max 2) clip size 6

Incineration Cannon 45000 (minimum shots fired 2 per attack move, max 5) clip size 18

Weapons require ammo, this can be bought at the ammo manager (inventory>click on the picture that says "got ammo?").

A good weapon has a high base damage, some weapons do less base damage than others and fire more rounds thus doing more damage per attack move. Base damage is not useful unless it is coupled with good stats.

Weapons can be bought from the game (explore>base exchange>barrack shop), but you are restricted on what you can buy depending on your level (ie. a recon 80 player can buy a Light Rifle, a recon 10 player cannot)

If you are low recon and want a higher recon gun you will need to either get a high recon player to buy it for you, or look for someone selling weapons (check the trade shoutbox and trade forums).

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